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EQ Awards Winner

Cory McBurney (President of EnerQuality), Birgit McCullough (Ont. Office Manager), Peter Kinsey (Eastern Canadian Sales Manager), Don Peladeau (CEO IBC Canada), James Scott (Ont. Technical Support Specialist)

IBC’s newest product in the DC Series, the DC 15-96, has won the EQ Award for the “Most Innovative Product” at this year’s Innova-tion Gauntlet at the 2018 EnerQUALITY Housing Innovation Forum & Awards.

Certified as a tankless water heater and as a high efficiency boiler, the DC 15-96 is the first of its kind. The DC-15-96 complies with all six compliance packages of the Ontario Building Code Supplementary Standard SB-12, including package A1.

“The IBC Better Boiler product is a forward thinking, adaptable technology with integration to smart homes. This is a truly unique product and was a clear leader in this year’s submissions,” says Shaun Joffe, Executive Director of Sustainability & Building Sciences at Great Gulf and Judge.


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