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Choosing the right heating system is crucial to maximizing a buildings energy savings and environmental impact. The cost effective solution to any application, whether the application is a retrofit or new construction, combining the SL 40-399 boiler with the flexibility of the Multiplex Racking Systems and IBC’s touchscreen controller the options available are endless. If you have a commercial project and you would like further information please email

Below are examples of some of our commercial installations. Please click on a thumbnail to view a larger image.

SL 80-399 Installation

Boiler Used: SL 80-399 x 3
Location: Apartment Building, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Application: Domestic Hot Water & Radiant Heating
Installed By: Milani Plumbing Drainage & Heating, Vancouver, BC, Canada

SL 80-399 x 3SL 80-399 x 3

SL 80-399 G3 Installation

Boiler: SL 80-399 G3 x 10
Location: Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary School, Surrey BC, Canada
Application: Retro-fit – Domestic Hot Water & Radiant Heating
Installed By: Matrix Contracting, BC, Canada

SL 80-399 G3 x 10SL 80-399 G3 x 10SL 80-399 G3 x 10SL 80-399 G3 x 10SL 80-399 G3 x 10SL 80-399 G3 x 10SL 80-399 G3 x 10SL 80-399 G3 x 10

SL 80-399 G2.5 Installation

Boiler: SL 80-399 G2.5 x 4
Location: Al Anderson Memorial Outdoor Swimming Pool, Langley, BC, Canada
Installed By: Ainsworth Inc., Surrey, BC, Canada

SL 80-399 G2.5Matt Way (IBC), Darrin Legge (Langley City), Ian Bowles (IBC)

SL 14-115 G3 Installation

Boiler: SL 14-115 G3
Location: 1900 square foot, 2 story garage addition to residence.
Installed By: Ironclad Mechanical, Edmonton, AB, Canada

SL 14-115 G3SL 14-115 G3

SL 80-399 Installation

Boiler: SL 80-399 x 2
Location: Porsche Rive-Sud, Brossard, QC, Canada
Application: Side Walk & Garage Ramp
Installed By: Plomberie Daniel Coté, Laval, QC, Canada

SL 80-399

SL 80-399 Installation

Boiler: SL 80-399 x 5, 115HOC Tanks x 3, 115 Buffer Tanks x 2
Location: 20,000 Sq. ft. Residence, Whistler, BC, Canada
Application: DHW System: 115-HOC High Output x 3 (1 geothermal preheat tank and 2 piped in parallel with heat supplied by IBC boilers)
Installed By: Ridge Meadows Mechanical ltd., Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

SL 80-399 + TanksSL 80-399 + TanksSL 80-399 + Tanks

SL 80-399 Installation

Boiler: SL 80-399 x 5
Location: New build, 2 story barn, Listowel, ON, Canada
Application: Hydronic heating to forced air rads
Installed By: Gleeson Plumbing Inc., Moorefield, ON, Canada

Winner of the Caleffi Excellence Award.

SL 80-399

SL 26-260 Installation

Boiler: SL 26-260 x 2, 115XHO
Location: 55 Unit Senior Residence, St Julienne, QC, Canada
Application: DHW & In-Floor Radiant
Installed By: Plomberie Cascades, Rawdon, Quebec, Canada

SL 26-260