Better Boilers

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Thank you very much for your efforts on behalf of the Home owner, his contractor and myself. IBC and Mechanical Systems 2000 never fail to meet our high expectations of superior customer service. Thanks for being there for us, being there for our customers, and being awesome!

Rod Mitchell, Apr 2013

Cronkhite Supply


We are very pleased to have chosen your product – the design and workmanship are excellent. We are most impressed by the outstanding quality of the work done by Scott and his team. It is rare to find such a high degree of professionalism and care now-a-days.

Alex Tunner, P.Eng., homeowner — Dec 2004


We are extremely happy with the boilers. Above and beyond the money saved, I have received no complaints from the tenants since installation. Because of the space saved we have been able to demise the mechanical room allowing us to relocate the bike storage area. Every time I enter the boiler room, it seems odd that the room is always cool — the heat goes only to where it’s needed. Finally, my property manager was so impressed he had Reid Bros. install a similar unit in his home.

D.R. Everett, Landlord — Jan 2008